Dignity for disabled children

Gabriella Centre - a life changer for disabled children and youth in the Kilimanjaro region. The founders are focusing on inclusion, rights, education and entrepreneurship. The aim is for disabled children and youth to become useful and acceptable members of their communities.

A place for dignity (English text) – a film produced in 2021.

A place for dignity (Swahili text) – a film produced in 2021.

Gabriella Centre – Hope for the needy – a short film produced in 2015.

YES Kilimanjaro and Gabriella Centre

Gabriella Centre was given a challenging start. One was to stimulate families to take their children out from hiding places. The disabled children were often excluded from schools and social life and their families lived in shame. Regional authorities thought maybe the founders of Gabriella Centre were wasting their time trying to help these children.

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Sustainable village development

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