YES Kilimanjaro and Gabriella Centre

Gabriella Centre was given a challenging start. One was to stimulate families to take their children out from hiding places. The disabled children were often excluded from schools and social life and their families lived in shame. Regional authorities thought maybe the founders of Gabriella Centre were wasting their time trying to help these children.

The twins Dotto and Kurwa


Two young door openers

Gabriella Centre was met by much resistance both among the general public and by the authorities, who saw no purpose in leaders using their knowledge and education working with this group of children.

Early 2011, when YES Kilimanjaro found Gabriella Centre, there were only three children staying at the center and the leaders were about to give up. We brought a twin couple asking for help – the starting point of a partnership that has turned out to become very rewarding. The two young boys turned out to become the door openers for a new cooperation between YES Kilimanjaro and Gabriella Centre. The boys are given the best treatment and are motherly cared for at the center by their faithful caretaker, Ester. Gabriella Centre is now overcrowded. The queue of parents asking for help for their children and youth is long. Key government officials today come to Gabriella Centre to learn and gain experience because they see the life changing impact of their work with the children.

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Two young door openers – the story about how YES Kilimanjaro found Gabriella Centre